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mantras to adopt right away

7 mantras to adopt right away


Mantras are sentences, thoughts or formulas that you repeat in order to create an anchor and derive physical, psychological and even spiritual benefits. Some mantras ease tension, others dilute negative thoughts. Some awaken our energy, others calm intense emotions. Whether it’s to gain self-confidence, to get rid of stress or to feel enlivened with new energy, try these mantras that will do you good!Mantras are useful for initiating change.DITTY_ABOUT_SUMMER/SHUTTERSTOCK

Useful mantra for… initiating change

This mantra is useful during times of transition and change. It helps you stay lucid, open and calm about what is happening to you. If you are afraid of this change, this recitation can help you rebuild your confidence.

Recite this mantra focusing on four different mudras (a given position of your fingers!). Don’t worry, it’s easy. On each syllable, you should, in turn, touch your thumb with a finger, forming a small circle. You start by joining the thumb and the index finger while saying “sa”, then the thumb and the middle finger on the syllable “ta” and so on. We advise you to repeat the song “sa ta na ma” for two minutes aloud, murmuring it for another two minutes, in silence (in your head) for two minutes then resume murmuring for two minutes and end with two minutes at aloud.

When you’re ready for this shift, make sure your motivation doesn’t fail you along the way. Apply these 15 ways to boost your motivation.

Useful mantra to… help you stay in a meditative state

The syllable “Om” is well known in Buddhism, Hinduism and even yoga. Indeed, it is even said to be the primordial mantra, the vibration essential to many meditations. You can choose to repeat it mentally or out loud to help you stay focused. It is useful when you are making your first attempts at meditation, for example. This sound has four distinct parts: ah/oh/mmm/silence. When you recite it, you are celebrating creation, the beginning of life, and universal unions (body/soul/spirit, past/present/future, etc.).

Recite the mantra without worrying about your breath (there are no better techniques than others) and let it sink in. Follow him. By fixing your attention on this syllable, you manage to forget everything else… The more you repeat it, the more you dive into yourself! If you feel your mind wandering a bit, slowly refocus.

This practice is not limited to monks or yogis. Read these 6 good reasons to practice meditation.

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