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Everything You Should Know Regarding Dental Crowns and Bridges


Encino crowns & bridges are two methods for repairing missing or broken teeth. While they are similar in some aspects, they differ in others, and many individuals are unaware of these differences. Continue reading for additional information:

What Is the Definition of a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown, sometimes called a “cap,” completely covers and repairs a damaged tooth. You may be pondering exactly when you might require a dental crown. Listed below are several instances in which a patient may require a crown:

  • Restoration of a tooth or teeth following a root canal
  • A tooth is fractured and cannot receive alternative treatments, such as an overlay.
  • Most of the tooth’s core is absent.
  • A tooth is fractured and will fall out if nothing is done.
  • A tooth’s cusp is absent.

A dental crown offers numerous advantages. For one, a dental crown reinforces the damaged tooth(s) while simultaneously enhancing the tooth’s look and alignment. Crowns may additionally be made to resemble natural teeth when installed on dental implants.

Dental crowns differ from prostheses in that they are permanently bonded to the tooth and can only be removed by a dentist.

What Is the Definition of a Dental Bridge? 

A dental bridge is a treatment option for missing teeth. Appropriately titled, bridges “bridge” the space between two teeth caused by the loss or extraction of a tooth.

You might be pondering how bridges operate. A bridge is anchored to the teeth on either side of the fissure, whether they are natural teeth or dental implants. Consider a bridge as three or more connected arches. A pontic is the replacement tooth that bridges the cavity.

Dental bridges, like dental crowns, can be fabricated from various elements. Ceramics and zirconia can be used for both crowns and bridges. If a longer bridge is required, it is produced in the facility and can be installed at a later time.

The Method for Receiving a Dental Crown or Dental Bridge 

Typically, the placement of a crown or bridge requires two appointments. During the initial appointment, the dentist is going to remove just a tiny part of the tooth — the damaged or fractured portions — so that the crown or bridge can fit over it. In order to place a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the space must be prepared accordingly.

The dentist then creates an impression of the tooth or teeth. Between the first and second appointments, temporary dental cement is going to be used to cover and preserve the teeth.

The dentist positions the crown or bridge on the molars during the second visit. For crowns and permanent bridges, dentists are going to employ a bonding adhesive; for removable bridges, they will use clamps.

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