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Is Your Truck Accident Police Report Inaccurate? Here is What You Can Do!


In the case of any road accident, be it a car or truck accident, the police create a report when they arrive at the scene. Although not thorough, the report is created after an investigation of the accident site and contains crucial details. However, while the report is certainly official, not all the information may be accurate in a police report and is subject to change.

If you believe the police have included an incorrect piece of information or forgot to mention a few crucial details, do not panic. With the help of a Houston truck accident Lawyer, you can gather evidence and change that incorrect or missed information. However, it is crucial that you do not ignore this mistake and make amends as soon as possible.

What is included in a truck accident police report?

The police report, as is suggested by its name, is created by the police or members of law enforcement. There are various pieces of information to include, which can vary depending on the facts of the accident. However, these are a few basic details that are present in every report:

  • The names and contact details of the parties involved
  • Statements from the people involved
  • Car details such as vehicle model, year of manufacture, license plate, etc.
  • Motor insurance coverage plan details
  • Details of the site where the accident took place
  • The name and contact details of the witnesses
  • A rough illustration of how the collision occurred

What are the steps to correct the police report?

After the police have created a report of the accident, you have the right to ask for a copy. If you find something inaccurate in the report, the first thing you should remember is those police officers are human, and it is normal to make mistakes. Be polite and tell them about your concerns. Make sure that you gather evidence to support your statements.

Some common mistakes include the following:

  • Factual errors, such as misinformation about the car details.
  • Transcription errors where a significant piece of information is missing.
  • Disputed facts require you to gather evidence to change the report. Such mistakes require you to resolve disputes first.

It is important to collect a copy of the report and make corrections as soon as possible. If you are late, the police and the insurance company will question your seriousness regarding the case. If you are unsure about changing a piece of information on the report, talk to an experienced attorney in Houston.

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