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Must Have Supplies And Accessories Before Bringing Your Guinea Pig Home


Taking your guinea pigs home for the first time is a big deal. A wide variety of cages, toys, tasty snacks, and other guinea pig essentials are available for new piggy parents to select from. The challenge comes, though, in determining precisely what supplies your guinea pigs will require. How can you distinguish between high-quality things and ineffective (and potentially hazardous) guinea pig stuff?

Sometimes it takes effort to distinguish between essential guinea pig supplies and nice-to-have guinea pig accessories while shopping for your pet. Nail clippers and a brush for long-haired guinea pigs are two examples of critical guinea pig grooming gear. However, some guinea pig accessories, such as harnesses and leashes, might harm our little buddies.

Before bringing their floaters into their homes, conscientious guinea pig owners should make sure they have the items on the following brief but essential list of guinea pig supplies ready and waiting for them.

When you are sitting next to your pigs’ castle, you need not be concerned if you do not currently possess all of these guinea pig stuff. Your pigs will be grateful regardless of how long it takes you to get around to grocery shopping,

So feel free to take as much time as you require.

1. The cage

First on the minds of humans considering becoming guinea pig owners is where to adopt their new furry family members. But then they immediately start thinking about what kind of cage and the best guinea pig cage accessories would be best for their pigs. And, of course, the most important thing on your guinea pig supply list is a lovely, snug piggie palace. The cost of the cage for your guinea pigs will likely exceed that of the animals themselves. You should also pick out a safe enclosure for your cavies. It would be disappointing to learn that your guinea pig cage needs to be improved, and you must make a new purchase.

Before you go cage shopping, here are some things to think about:

  • safety of the size
  • healthy airflow
  • scalability in terms of cleaning difficulty in case your pig population explodes

2. Fleece liners, the best bedding

Your guinea pigs will need fleece liners as soon as you decide on a cage. Bedding in the bottom of the cage is necessary for your precious floors because they urinate about 100 times daily. For many years, wood shavings were the standard bedding for pigs, even though they pose a severe threat to the health of your pigs’ respiratory systems. Our answer is to line them with soft, luxurious fleece.

If you use fleece liners, your piggies’ respiration won’t be impeded in any way. Also, your piggies’ paws will appreciate how incredibly plush they are. Fleece liners should be replaced twice weekly, just like any other bedding. Yet, you won’t have to toss them out every few days like you would with different types of bedding. Fleece liners, on the other hand, can be tossed into the washing machine without being removed from their bag. After hanging them to dry, you can return the fleece liners to the cage.

3. The perfect shelter: a guinea pig hidey box.

Pets of the fuzzy variety are prey animals. They’ll feel most secure if they can duck out of sight, so make sure your piggy palace has plenty of places for your floors to hide. When it comes to this, a fleece hidey is the way to go!

4. The food bowl: keeps food refrigerated

A bowl or bottle can serve as a water dish for guinea pigs. The bowl is the sole item on the guinea pig supplies list for holding food. While plastic is lighter and more affordable, ceramic is preferable for your piggies’ food bowl because it will tip over slowly. And here comes the exciting part: pick out a bowl for your food that you find aesthetically pleasing.

In conclusion,  guinea pigs make excellent pets and, if cared for properly, can bring their owners years of joy. Remember that guinea pigs, despite their small size, require a sizable cage outfitted with several amusements such as toys, tunnels, and snacks. These adorable animals don’t have any special requirements.

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