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Quick Things to Know Before Studying in Australia


There is no doubt that Australia is a distinct and popular study overseas destination for students across the world.  You can find people going to this beautiful country for not just studies but work and for permanent residence too. However, this post is going to tell you about things you should know before you get your student visa in Melbourne and start studying in Australia.

Visa is needed

To study in the realm of Australia for more than three months, you will require a visa. The procedure for applying is quite easy. It is all done online, and it is even virtually linked to your passport, there has to be no embassy visits or even waiting for it to arrive in your mail. However, the charge is expensive, so stay prepared! In case you study for less than three months, you must be able to go on a type of regular visitor visa and save yourself some money.

Get health insurance

Make sure to peep into this. In case you are going on a study abroad program, it could be included, but if you are simply studying directly with a university, high chances are you are going to be required to get health insurance in the realm of Australia.

Particularly, the Australian government requires that all international students get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Insurers can offer you a range of different OSHC products, so you may wish to make sure you sign up for a proper plan that fits your desired coverage.

Choose the area for study wisely

There are numerous different kinds of places in Australia for you to pick from on your study abroad trip. Do you prefer to go to the city or someplace rural? Do you wish to spend all your free time at the beach, or do you prefer or like to get out into the bush? Certain regions may be better for you relying on what you study. You can always find the different types of programs in Melbourne, Sydney and other regions as per your convenience.

Australia is quite expensive

Sydney and Melbourne mostly make the top ten lists of the world’s most pricy cities. From housing to even groceries, prepare to experience some of the sticker shock and make sure to have a great chunk of change saved.

Be sure to form up a budget and do your finest to stick to it. Go Overseas formed a handy guide that goes over the costs of studying overseas in Australia, and the experts even recommend budgeting an additional $6,000-$7,000 for living expenses, not including tuition, room, and even board. If that number gets you sticker shock, be sure to read up on how to study abroad in the realm of Australia on a budget.


To sum up, having some knowledge about the country you are planning to study in is a wise move. Since you know much about studying in Australia, it could be helpful for you to decide better.

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