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Aspect of Digital Transformation in Companies

Revature Marks How Employees are an Important Aspect of Digital Transformation in Companies


In the recent years, historic change has been witnessed in almost all industries due to technology. Automation, blockchain, cloud computing, and AI are changing how people work, live, and communicate. Spending on digital transformation has been accounted for beyond $53.3 trillion in 2020. It additionally is projected to total 65% of the world’s GDP by 2023. Revature is an ideal digital transformation champion that helps companies to upskill and re skill their tech teams at every level. This helps in closing the gaps that slow innovation and productivity.

Revature talks about how people are critical to digital transformation

Contrary to popular belief, tech and vision are not enough for digital transformation. After all, the phrase “people, process, and technology” exists for a reason. People are the single most important element in making any change happen. Any enterprise that works towards digital transformation requires the right vision, a motivated workforce, and a good dose of up skilling/re skilling. While technology is surely vital in digital transformation, it is simply the means to an end. Rather than spending millions of dollars on making an addition to their tech stack, one can transform their business in other ways like:

  • Developing improved employee and customer experiences
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Accelerating productivity and collaboration
  • Becoming more agile
  • Creating new business models
  • Reducing costs

While technology makes the change possible, the people driving it make digital transformation a reality. Successful digital transformations were studied by Boston Consulting Group, and they found one common element among all these cases. Businesses that identified and invested in their people managed to gain the most success. Strategies for effectively doing so include:

  • The best performers are identified and made to understand how digital transformation is a career-advancing program.
  • Detailed assessments to be made of the skills needed for digital transformation, and proactive measures have to be taken to acquire those skills.
  • Change champions have to be created critical areas to ensure effective team composition.
  • Proper processes have to be put in place for training, developing and evaluating team members, and optimizing the effectiveness.

Learning new skills needed to compete effectively is vital for digital transformation. Once the skills important to digital transformation has been identified, one needs to analyze the current workforce properly. This will help in identifying the gaps in knowledge and experience that have to be filled. One must find individuals who are motivated enough to grow with the business, and invest in them by creating opportunities for up skilling and re skilling via a tech talent development company like Revature. Most workers today want to learn new skills. In fact, more than three-quarters of workers say they want to learn new skills or go for retraining to improve their career path. Conversely, re skilling and up skilling also pay dividends for a business. Not only do the employees learn the skills required for transforming the business, but many of them also stay with the organization longer if it invests in helping them learn new skills. Hence, re skilling and up sklling can help businesses to effectively retain its top employees.

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