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Smile Bright With White Dental Crowns


White dental crowns are used on kids mostly when their teeth are damaged beyond repair and cannot hold their original shape anymore. These issues cannot be fixed with fillings and need dental crowns. White crowns help with fixing teeth’s shapes and prevent them from any further damage. Many children over the age of six are affected with tooth decay. Luckily, these dental crowns for kids can help with repairing damaged teeth and avoid future damage.

If your child has been affected by cavities leading to tooth decay, schedule an appointment for tooth-colored fillings for kids montgomery today. Their experts will help your child flaunt a healthy and attractive smile.

Why do children need dental crowns?

A dental crown is usually needed to treat damaged teeth that cannot be treated with dental fillings anymore. Dental crowns have a 95% success rate and are considered less invasive than fillings. The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is important to practice when it comes to your child’s dental health. As parents, you should make sure to give your kids sweets or candies in limited amounts and occasionally only to prevent them from being at risk of cavities and other dental problems.

Benefits of white dental crowns

  1. A dental crown can be used to fix damaged and broken teeth.
  2. Dental crowns are also used for healthy tooth structure as they help restore teeth’ original shapes.
  3. These crowns are aesthetically pleasing as they are made to match the child’s teeth color. They can enhance your child’s smile.
  4. Dental crowns are long-lasting, usually lasting between 5 to 15 years. Your teeth will also be protected from further decay and other infections.
  5. They can also help your child chew better.

Disadvantages of dental crowns

With benefits also come disadvantages of this treatment, here are some of them:

  1. Dental crowns might cause pain or sensitivity for a while. Medicines to subside the sensitivity is recommended.
  2. If not treated with proper care, they might break in the future. Make sure to help your child practice proper dental hygiene to maintain its longevity.
  3. Dental crowns are expensive. Some people might not be able to afford them.
  4. In rare cases, dental crowns can cause allergic reactions.
  5. Your child may experience discomfort if the crowns do not fit properly. This can also cause the growth of bacteria and lead to tooth decay needing treatment again.
  6. Sometimes, the crown may come off. If that happens, you will need to take your child to the dentist again to reattach the crown.

If you want to get your child dental crowns, speak to a professional today!

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