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Painting to Spruce-Up your Home Décor

Top 6 Types of Painting to Spruce-Up your Home Décor


Decorating your walls can be a tedious task and it might seem overwhelming to figure out what painting styles will look attractive in a room. Find out in this article what paintings are the most popular and how they work best with the room’s décor. You can buy paintings online under a reasonable price range and make your home look more stylish than ever.

1. Floral Paintings

Floral paintings are a great way to add a touch of color and life to your home décor. There are many different styles of floral paintings, from traditional to modern. You can find a style that fits your home décor perfectly. Floral paintings are also a great gift idea for someone who loves flowers. If you are looking for a painting that will make a statement in your home, a floral painting is a great choice.

2. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings can add a lot of interest to your home décor. They are usually brightly colored and can be a great conversation starter. They can be found in a variety of styles, so you should be able to buy an abstract painting that fits your taste. The uniqueness of these paintings lies in their style; they are simply best for any individual with any taste. If you like a minimal interior look, you have subtle colored and minimal design paintings, and vice-versa.

3. Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are a great way to add some good spirits to your home décor. They can also help you feel more connected to nature. You can buy landscape paintings in hundreds of styles, including mountain scenes, waterfalls, village landscapes, gardens & greenery, etc. You just need to understand your style and preference to pick up the right piece of landscape or nature paintings for your house.

4. Buddha Paintings

There is something about a Buddha painting that just radiates peace and serenity. If you are looking for a way to add a touch of Zen to your home décor, consider hanging a Buddha painting on your wall. You can buy Buddha paintings in different styles, including Sleeping Buddha, Vairocana Buddha, Nairatmya Buddha, etc. The best part about Buddha artwork is that it looks pretty in almost every room of your home, including the entryway, bedroom, hall, or even inside the kitchen. However, it is usually believed that the Buddha painting in the passage area welcomes good vibes inside the home.

5. Running Horses Paintings

An exquisite painting of 7 running horses can add a touch of dignity to any room. If you have a blank wall that you are not sure what to do with, buy seven running horses paintings to uplift its look. Each element of this painting tells something positive and keeps the home’s aura peaceful. Basically, it inspires you to keep moving in every condition in life. Whenever you feel low, just look at it and you’ll realize that there’s a solution to every problem in life.

6. Boho Paintings

If you wish to have a minimal yet expressive painting for your home, then get a boho painting! These paintings are well-designed and unsophisticated. They are apt to attract everyone within seconds. All the elements of paintings such as lines, shapes, and colors are highly impressive. You can give a designer look to any room with this particular painting style. They can be styled in hundreds of ways; you can either put a single piece of boho art on the wall or create an art corner with multiple pieces of boho paintings in different sizes. Your wall will look dashing in both ways!


When you visit any online or physical store to buy paintings, you will come across a wide collection. This may create confusion and make it hard for you to select the best piece of painting for your home. Do not worry as the above painting styles are the best ones to get a high-end interior look under your budget. From design to vibes, everything is beyond expectations. They look good and feel good!

Now, if you wish to get your hands on any of these paintings, you can check the famous art-selling stores such as Fizdi, The Bimba, ArtZolo, and more. They offer the best quality prints at the best prices.

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