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Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Top Reasons to Work with an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner


Aging is unavoidable, and with it comes various health challenges. As you age, you are likely to struggle with concerns like cognitive decline and memory issues, limited mobility, weaker respiratory and immune systems, reduced bone density, and urinary incontinence. To better address the health challenges, many aging adults opt to include Tacoma adult gerontology nurse practitioner in their primary care regimen. Adult gerontology nurse practitioners (AGNPs) offer comprehensive primary care, accounting for psychological, physical, social, economic, and spiritual aspects influencing your health.

Among the reasons AGNPs are a go-to for aging adults include:

Chronic conditions management

Chronic conditions are prevalent in older adults. Even without a pre-existing condition, the risk factors increase with age, meaning you are likely to develop one. AGNPs offer comprehensive chronic condition management or prevention care. The professionals consider your medical and family history to establish the potential chronic conditions you are likely to develop and provide guidance to mitigate the risks. When managing a chronic condition, professionals provide valuable lifestyle guidance to mitigate complications chances. This translates to fewer hospitalizations and better life quality.

Lifestyle guidance

Leading an active lifestyle as you age can be difficult. Concerns like limited mobility and reduced bone density mean you are susceptible to injuries as you work out. Others, like a weaker respiratory system, can make it difficult to engage in physical activities you think best suit your goals. AGNPs guide the ideal physical activities aligned with your condition and health goals. This makes it easier to remain physically active with fewer injuries and other health risks.

Nutritional adjustments

Healthy nutrition is at the center of aging gracefully. When your body is well-nourished with essential nutrients, each organ functions much better. This means fewer health challenges which could lead to various conditions. Nutritional changes as you age is certain, and not just considering your preferences. For example, affected dental function and digestive health could limit your dietary quests. Smaller portions of an unbalanced diet could become a norm, not to mention forgetting to eat as the appetite declines. AGNPs provide nutritional guidance to help ensure your body gets the nutrients needed for optimal functioning. This may include dietary supplements considering your medical history and needs.


How can you best manage your daily living activities with minimal friction? You want to maintain as much independence as possible, but certain aspects threaten your desires as you age. Declining cognitive ability and memory mean you will likely forget crucial aspects like eating or taking your medication. This means you are better off with some assistance, which doesn’t mean you are a burden to your loved ones. AGNPs make the transition much easier by accounting for the emotional and psychological factors affecting your health and the uncertainty around losing control. Counseling also helps minimize stress, especially when other health considerations like chronic conditions are in the equation.

Aging doesn’t mean you can’t lead an active life. Proper healthcare can help you lead a longer and more active lifestyle even when battling various chronic conditions. With AGNPs services, you’ll have an easier time adopting such a lifestyle accounting for your unique situation. Contact Prudent Medical Providers today for more on how adult gerontology nurse practitioners can help.

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