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3 Decorative Doors that Suit All Interiors


Doors are the very life of any place. It can tell you a lot about any infrastructure. Although most of the time, a door goes unnoticed, with a little amount of thought, you can capture the attention of any guest or visitor from your door itself. A door should always have a little bit of character and a showcase of what is inside the room. There are a few points one can remember while buying the door to give the overall interior a boost.

Points to remember while choosing a door

1.Style: Choosing the style of your door is the most important part of making the interior look beautiful and stylish. Your door should always match and blend with the outside and inside of the door. For example, having a very tiny door for a very large room would not give a very significant impression. Floor carpets covers the whole area in just one piece of carpet. Wall to wall carpets in Dubai creates a lovely and decent look on a floor. The floor carpet is attached to the floor with the help of gum around the corners so the carpet cannot move. At Grass carpet, we have an unlimited collection of carpets to choose from.

2. Swing and Sound ratings: One should always be mindful of the swing of the door, like your door handle should be a firm grip and blend well with the door and should represent the overall interior look you are aiming to achieve. The door must open with a swing and unbolt where it was supposed to open.

A door should be able to block as much noise as possible, but then this depends on the requirements of a person, like which kind of door they are aiming for. Century provides a good collection of doors. Anyone can look for some beautiful choices and buy online as well as offline.

3. Door framing: In some cases, one has no need for door framing, and in others, one needs it quite a lot. A door framing should always be in accordance with the door, and an expensive door should have expensive or at least blendable door framing. Otherwise, it would take the entire grandeur away.

Some Decorative door options

  1. Paneled Doors

 A panelled door is a door with different panels making the door. It has been in the household for a very long time. Over time new Designs and structures or ways of constructing these doors have been introduced. A panelled door can be of different types depending on the panels it has, like single panel door, double panel, six-panel door, or eight-panel door.

There are many online options a person can choose from for panelled doors. For example, Century provides a wide range of panelled doors, from Melamine Door Skin to Metallic Door Skin or White Primered Skin. Most of the doors provided by the century are termite resistant.

2. Flush Doors

Flush Doors are doors with a very smooth surface and promote a simplistic approach. Their simplistic nature makes them less expensive and can be found very easily in online markets. But over time, these doors have also seen more upgrades. For example, now we have fire doors, X-doors, and acoustic doors. These doors serve more purpose than a simple regular door.

As with any commodity, many options are available. Be very conscious of whether your dealer is flexible and accommodating. If you are trying to look for some waterproof solutions for doors, you can most certainly look for Century BWP grade (Sainik 710), which is waterproof and can act as more than just a regular door.

3. Decorative doors

As the name suggests, most of the time, these are doors that open to nowhere, and they are there for the aesthetic only. Most of the time, you can find these decorative doors in the bathroom or kitchen or near the side table.

There are a whole lot more doors that are being introduced every day, like rolling doors or sliding doors. But all of them can be arranged in any one of the above three mentioned major types.


Choosing a door is not as easy of a job as it may look because a door that does not go with your interior can change the entire view of your visitor about your place. Be very mindful of the choices you trust. Many online websites might take advantage of your lack of knowledge, so be always prepared when buying doors.

CenturyDoors has been known to deliver quality products for a long time and is always considered a good option to buy doors online.

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