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7 Methods to Make Your Luxury House in Mumbai Vastu Compliant


Buying a luxury house in Mumbai? You would do well to search for properties and conclude the transaction with dedicated assistance from a reputed platform like Blox. In fact, without any hidden charges, you can expect a smooth journey from the property search and discovery process to moving in.

However, once you have moved in, what about the Vaastu of the property? How do you ensure that your luxury house in Mumbai is fully Vaastu-compliant? Many homeowners struggle to ensure the same after taking possession of their properties. However, there are a few handy steps that may help you ensure this without any issues. Here’s learning more about the same.

Why is Vaastu important for homes?

Your luxury house in Mumbai should adhere to the principles of Vaastu in order to ensure a harmonious living experience for you and your family members. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and home design that fuses traditional and scientific concepts to develop homes that ensure higher well-being and prosperity for their occupants. Vaastu is the art and science of directional alignments and harnessing positive energies in the home, while ensuring better sync between the design, décor, patterns, shapes, and overall configuration of a property.

Vaastu experts feel that each home has a specific energy linked to it. Through the proper alignment of core home elements, a positive energy flow can be generated, with the elimination of negative energy alongside. The final result will be a home that ensures happiness, warmth, and good health for all occupants, while ushering in good fortune at the same time.

Vaastu compliance tips for homes

The question remains- How do you make your luxury house in Mumbai Vaastu-compliant, especially when you have possibly spent a fortune to acquire your dream property. Here are a few measures that are worth following:

  • Hanging bells at your entrance- You can consider hanging metal bells at your home entrance. This will usher in better tranquillity, peace and positive energies for your home.
  • Infusing fragrances and lights into the house- Your luxury house in Mumbai should be adorned with earthen lamps and other natural fragrances/aromas for infusing a positive and calm energy into all the major spaces. This will automatically ensure greater mental peace and wellbeing for the family members.
  • Eliminate mirrors in your bedroom- Vaastu principles state that putting up a mirror right in front of the bed may lead to negative effects on health. If you have to incorporate a mirror into your bedroom layout, then place it far away from the bed.
  • Using nameplates- Vaastu principles state that using nameplates at the home entrance lead to higher success, happiness and prosperity for the residents.
  • Buy an aquarium- This will not only add to the décor theme of your luxury house in Mumbai, but also bring in calmness and serenity to the space. A fish bowl or aquarium is representative of life’s movements and it will generate positive vibes at home.
  • Eliminating medicines from your kitchen- If you have mistakenly placed medicines in your kitchen or store them there anyway, do away with the practice. Vaastu principles recommend avoiding the storage of medicines in kitchens since they have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being. Medicines are indicative of illness and hence you should not keep them in your kitchen.
  • Cleaning your windows and doors- Ensure that your home is always filled with positive energy through regular cleaning. The entry points to your home should always be spick and span, while being free of dust or grime.

These are some methods in which you can make your home more Vaastu-compliant. They are easy to implement in almost any household and will bring you greater fortune, luck and happiness in the long run.

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