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A Guide to Getting a Prenatal Massage

A Guide to Getting a Prenatal Massage


The majority of pregnant women have lower back discomfort between the 20th and 28th weeks. Although we encourage walking, exercising, and modifying your posture to alleviate muscular problems, it is not always effective.

During your pregnancy, you should attempt a prenatal massage. It is feasible to complete the task at home, but caution is required. Follow our instructions to ensure your safety!

Prenatal massages are safe massages for pregnant women. The massage techniques are essentially identical to those of a standard massage. Still, the pressure is gentler and limited to certain spots.

As you can see, it is not as different as one may anticipate!

So, here are some things you should know before getting a prenatal massage.

When is it optimal to have a prenatal massage?

According to most other sources, you can technically have a prenatal massage any time after the first trimester. We disagree that the optimal time to provide a prenatal massage at home is between 12 and 31 weeks of pregnancy.

Your pregnancy is at its most fragile during the initial three months (12 weeks). During this time, an error might easily result in a miscarriage. In fact, most professional massage therapists will refuse to do a prenatal massage on a woman who is still in her first trimester.

After 12 weeks, the foetal position is usually more stable, so gentle massages can be performed to increase blood flow to the foetus.

We do not advocate receiving a prenatal massage at home beyond 31 weeks gestation, especially if you do not have an expert to assist you. As your due date approaches (and you prepare to become a mother! ), specific massage locations might stimulate contractions. If you must have a massage, visit a professional or a physician first.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy

The following benefits of a natal massage may be of interest to you:

  • Improved blood circulation. Massages facilitate the delivery of blood and nutrients to the foetus. By increasing circulation, they can relieve oedema as well.
  • Normalized hormones. This is another advantage of increased circulation. Prenatal massages can assist with labour preparation.
  • Lower blood pressure. By regulating your heart rate and blood pressure, prenatal massages can facilitate labour.
  • Better mental well-being. Massages provide relaxation in the body, which boosts oxytocin naturally. You will begin to feel happier, more alert, and less anxious.
  • Muscle and joint discomfort are reduced. It is an excellent way to relieve pregnancy-related back discomfort!
  • Better sleep. Massaging decreases cortisol (stress hormones). You will be less prone to experience anxiousness, allowing you to obtain the necessary, restorative sleep. That is until your kid comes. You will have to feed them every two to three hours for three to six months before they eventually sleep through the night.

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