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Avail Quality Oculofacial Eyelid and Facial Surgery in McLean, Virginia


If you are thinking of restoring your facial features, especially the areas around the eyes, eyebrows, and eyelids, oculofacial plastic surgery is the right option. The surgery is done to rectify sagging or droopy upper eyelids, puffy bags, or under-eye circles. McLean and Dulles in Virginia have some good face and body aesthetic centers where skilled plastic surgeons perform oculofacial surgery both for cosmetic and functional reasons.

Best oculofacial surgery in McLean and Dulles, Virginia

In case, you are looking for the best oculofacial plastic surgeon McLean, Sanctuary Cosmetic Center is the right place as the best body and face aesthetic center. Their certified and experienced surgeons specialize in oculoplastic cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation treatments, liposuction, and all kinds of aesthetic procedures. Their specialists are highly trained in eyelid surgery that offers better vision, eye rejuvenation, and a refreshed appearance. Schedule an appointment today with Sanctuary Cosmetic Center for a personalized, quality aesthetic treatment and a youthful look.

Benefits of oculofacial surgery

Oculoplastic surgery is beneficial both for functional and cosmetic reasons.

Reduces fine lines around the eyes

Blepharoplasty surgery lifts both the upper and lower eyelid to reduce the fine lines and eliminate eyelid sagging. It also smoothens wrinkles and rejuvenates the youthfulness of your face.

Getting rid of eye bags

As we age, the skin of the eyelid stretches, which weakens the muscles and fat gets accumulated around the eyes. All these cause bags around the eyes and gives a fatigued appearance. Oculoplastic surgery eliminates the excess skin and tissue below the eyes, lifts the lower eyelid, and removes the baggy areas giving you a fresh look.

Improves vision

A significant heaviness and drooping of the upper eyelid are more than a cosmetic concern. The extra skin and tissue deposits on the lid or eyebrow drooping can affect your vision.

Skilled Oculofacial surgeons in McLean perform surgery to remove those extra deposits and lift the upper lid of the brow. This expands the line of vision. You might also get more comfort in the forehead area as the brow muscles need not be used constantly for raising the upper lid for better vision.

Oculofacial surgery is recognized as a necessary medical procedure that has the potential to reduce or eradicate suffering. Renowned cosmetic centers offering oculofacial surgery in McLean and Dulles help people who wish to avail the benefits and change their face to achieve a better life.

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