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Top Reasons to Consider Transitional Care Management


Chronic conditions need constant monitoring and management. As such,  patients with such conditions should have easy and convenient access to necessary care and medications from qualified medical professionals. However, when the condition is under control, the transition period when a patient is discharged into the community setting can be confusing to both the patient and their caregivers.

Here is where hospital transition care Cary comes in. Transitional care management (TCM) is aimed at helping patients to transition from inpatient care to community setting smoothly. Read on for top reasons to consider undertaking transitional care management.

Reduced Readmissions

The main goal of transitional care management is to enhance health outcomes and ensure that patients are not readmitted. According to statistics, hospital readmissions cost Medicare around $25 billion yearly, with significant expenditure on avoidable hospital visits after discharge.

TCM can significantly lower the costs of readmissions. Patients are well taken care of by qualified medical professionals during their transitional period, which reduces the chances of any need for readmissions.

Reduced Expenditure

TCM saves you the money you would otherwise need to spend on transport for consistent and continued care. You won’t have to spend additional cost on fuel or undergo other transport barricades. Vehicle tear and wear are avoided.

Also, you can resume working from home, depending on your medical recommendations. This way, you can resume your earnings. More so, transitional care management services are less expensive than other urgent care appointments.

Continuity of High-Quality Care

TCM creates an enhanced continuity of care. The availability of medical professionals in a well-planned schedule ensures continuity of service and an ongoing doctor-patient relationship. Your follow-up process is also easier.

Transitional care management ensures the medical needs of the patients are being addressed during the transition from an inpatient setting to a community setting. With patient readmission rates being used as a quality of care indicator, both patients and commercial payers can determine the quality of the provider.

Saves You Time

One of the main reasons most patients with chronic diseases worsen their condition in the first place is the struggle to get treatment appointments on time. With telehealth, TCM helps save time, particularly for patients who need regular visits to the health center. It will reduce the need for time off work.

This technology also helps in reducing the delays often experienced in hospitals. You will get the treatment you require appropriately and get back to regular activities immediately instead of driving to the hospital.

Highly Convenient

TCM services are more convenient as you get medical care from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to deal with the pressures of leaving your safe habitat. You won’t have the additional risk of getting flu or other infectious diseases as you transition to managing your chronic condition at home.

You can schedule your doctor’s appointments outside business hours, and they can be done via telecommunication on your preferred mobile device or desktop computer. Unlike hospital visits, you won’t have to shower or change clothes to get occasional monitoring and treatment.

Transitional care management is a vital piece of the puzzle for managing chronic conditions. Offering a seamless transition from a medical facility to a community setting benefits the patients and the primary care physician.

It ensures the patients remain healthier while reducing the risk of relapse and readmission. If you or your loved one is managing one or more chronic conditions, you should consider TCM services for a seamless and full transition and recovery. Also, examine your insurance plan to determine if it covers transitional care management.

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