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Benefits of Telepsychiatry


With people becoming more concerned about mental health, psychiatry has become advanced. Telepsychiatry is a new method of psychiatry that allows patients to seek therapy via telecommunication software and devices wherever and whenever they want. This allows you to receive psychiatric therapy without being physically present in the doctor’s clinic.

The benefits of telepsychiatry are many both for the patient as well as the provider. Since mental health treatment does not rely on medical exams and mainly involves talking to the patient and connecting on an emotional level, telepsychiatry can be efficiently used for consultations. Book your appointment with Washington telepsychiatry today.

Benefits of telepsychiatry

Provides comfort to patients.

The goal of medical providers is to ensure that patients feel comfortable, and telepsychiatry provides just that. Some patients may experience extreme anxiety and find it impossible to visit the clinic physically to meet with their therapist. Such patients can highly benefit from telepsychiatry as they can communicate with their therapist from the comfort and safety of their home.

1. Provides convenience to both parties.

One of the best benefits of telepsychiatry is that it provides a more convenient experience for the patient as well as the therapist. With telepsychiatry, quality care is only one video call away, and patients and providers can speak to each other from any location and at any time. This rules out the time wasted in booking appointments and waiting in the waiting area. This is also highly beneficial for physically-challenged patients who cannot access in-clinic therapy easily.

2. Saves money.

The money saved in telepsychiatry is too great to ignore. Since the patient and the therapist do not have to travel to the clinic, they both save fuel costs. Providers save overhead costs of conducting therapies in the clinic as well. Moreover, patients do not have to take time off from work and lose their wages. Vehicle wear and tear is also reduced.

3. Reduces stigma.

Even though the world has progressed in various aspects, people with mental health problems still face prejudice, sometimes from their own family members and friends. This keeps many patients from seeking the treatment they need and deserve. Telepsychiatry offers confidentiality to patients that in-clinic treatments cannot provide. When patients communicate via phone or text, they can be more open and fearless.

4. Continuity of care.

Since patients can access therapists whenever they need to, it reduces the time between appointments. Patients can get more real-time care. Round-the-clock care allows for better continuity of care and ensures the best patient-provider relationship. The follow-up process can be made easy too.

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