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Chemical Peel Procedure

Chemical Peel Procedure with the Best Dermatologist in Tennessee


Chemical solutions have been used for the removal of skin layers, unveiling the flawless and youthful skin underneath. 

A chemical peel improves and reduces wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, uneven coloring of skin, and any other imperfection of the skin. The different chemicals determine how deep the skin has to be peeled and the kind of skin condition for treatment. 

Get Your chemical peel Memphis, TN, by the best Dr. Kenneth Thompson. He is an expert at his job and makes sure to provide the best treatment for every client. 

Products from leading brands like Skin Medica, ZO Skin Health, and GlyMed Plus are used by dermatologists to treat you with a chemical peel. Do not hesitate to get an appointment and transform your skin in the best way.

Chemical peel also has a scientific name for it, which is called derma peeling or chemexfoliation. The procedure is done using chemical solutions that improve the appearance of your skin. In the treatment, a solution is applied to your skin that causes injury or trauma to the skin layers.

The layer of the skin eventually starts to peel out and reveals the youthful skin below. 

The skin below is very smooth, with fewer wrinkles and lines. Its color tone is even, and it has a brighter complexion. There are specific skin conditions that can be improved with chemical peel treatment.

Here is a list of these skin conditions: 

Chemical peel treatment can be done on the face, hand, and neck. Chemical peels help in improving and reducing:

  • Fine lines present around and under your eye and mouth, along with wrinkles that are caused by the sun, hereditary factors, or aging. 
  • Kinds of acne.
  • Scars on the skin.
  • Age spots, sun spots, freckles, aging, and uneven coloring of skin.
  • Precancerous scaly spots are also called actinic keratosis. 
  • Scaly patches, rough and dry skin, dull complexion. 
  • Melasma (Dark patches) happens because of pregnancy or using pills for birth control.

The dermatologist will get a consultation done to identify your skin type and the depth of your skin peel. Chemical peels do not respond well to deep scars, bulges, and sags. 

There are different treatments, and to know more about them, you can consult a dermatologist who can help you in this regard. 

If you have any of the following conditions, then a chemical peel is not suitable for you:

  • History of abnormal skin scars
  • Have skin issues or are on medications that can make your skin sensitive
  • Are restricted from staying out in the sun. 

Consulting the right dermatologist can be of great help to get the skin you desire. 

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