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Debunking Common Myths About Bridal Studios


Have you heard any horror stories regarding Singapore bridal studios? If you’re debating whether or not to visit a bridal salon for wedding preparations. First, read this!

Most of us have fantasised about the day we meet our soulmate, accept the proposal, and begin the long-awaited quest for the ideal wedding gown. Of course, this is a fantastic adventure. But, even if you have the man, the ring, and the wedding date, it is conceivable that you are not as prepared as you believe. We’ve collected a list of some common misunderstandings regarding Singapore bridal studios. These suggestions may be helpful as you begin wedding preparation.

You have plenty of time to do your photoshoot.

This has to be the most prevalent misunderstanding while looking for a wedding or bridal package. “My wedding is still far away, I still have time,” is something we frequently hear. But how far forward is too far?

We recommend arranging your pre-wedding photoshoot at least a year in advance. If you’re going to a country with seasons, you’ll definitely want to visit during the ideal season for stunning images. Early planning also allows you to camp out and take advantage of the finest travel offers and early bird discounts for your airline and lodging.

Bridal boutiques exclusively provide template bundles.

We are seeing an increase in the number of brides who choose to arrange a DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding. Taking the DIY way may not be cost-effective, but it is certainly not easy logistically. One of the most common complaints we hear from our brides is that they were unprepared for the amount of effort needed when they opted to DIY their wedding. And it doesn’t mean you should avoid bridal salons. Contrary to widespread assumption, most bridal stores can significantly customise the package for your needs.

Singapore bridal studios charge additional fees.

Many people will recognise and be intimidated by this. Our brides have told us about their friends’ advice to avoid wedding boutiques. But wait! Here’s a strategy to help prevent such unfavourable wedding experiences.

When speaking with the wedding consultant, make sure to be open about your wedding’s requirements and understand what you’re signing up for. A comprehensive bridal package tailored to your preferences eliminates the need for future add-ons. In addition, being clear and specific about your desires before you begin your bridal shop shopping will save you time and prevent unexpected charges for items or services you require after signing up for the initially discussed bridal package.

I can save money without going to bridal shops.

There are already 1001 things on your wedding planning to-do list, from guest lists to coordinating the bridal party’s dress code and deciding on wedding bands. Consider the amount of stress if you still had to coordinate the dress rental, ensure the photo editing preferences, update the photographer and makeup artist on itinerary changes, and so on. Why not delegate some of your wedding stress to the experienced wedding coordinator who will be present throughout your bridal journey to lighten your load?

Hiring talented friends will suffice.

Just because your friend’s Instagram is full of beautiful nature/portrait shots doesn’t mean your wedding photos will be the same. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to mix action shots (bride getting ready, funny gate-crashing moments, touching vows exchange) with family and bridal party photos. It takes a lot of practice and experience for a photographer to anticipate and capture moments at the right time. After all, these are priceless photos from your wedding that you’ll have to cherish for many years.

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