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Chocolates From Laderach

Explore the Range Of Gourmet & Artisanal Chocolates From Laderach By DS Group


DS Group is a multi-business organization and one of the world’s leading FMCG conglomerates today.

DS Group businesses have a lot of products establishing dominance in the market. However, its step forward to introduce the Indian audience to luxury Swiss chocolates was a big one.

DS Group collaborated with Laderach – a luxury Swiss chocolate brand to offer these products in its Luxury Retail section.

About The DS Group &Laderach Partnership

Recently, DS Group Food joined hands and established a partnership with Laderach – a luxury Swiss chocolate brand, for its maiden launch in the country.

This alliance, a calculated effort to expand DS Group’s market position in the confectionery industry, will also see the company enter the largest chocolate market in the industry.

With brands like Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, Shingles, and Pulse operating under its umbrella, the Group has already become a recognized confectionery industry player.

Les Petits, Uncafe, L’Opera, and Le Marche are just a few examples of the Group’s luxury retail experience. The company has managed well-known brands on a global scale, including Laderach, Berluti, etc.

About Laderach

Läderach was established in 1962 and is renowned for its cuisine that combines traditional flavors with contemporary goals.

Läderach are masterfully executed artisanal chocolates that represent the combination of the love and expertise of chocolatiers par excellence. They provide an exceptionally decadent pleasure in gourmet chocolates.

Each bar of chocolate, a pinnacle of flavor, is created in Switzerland using only the finest ingredients that have been meticulously chosen to ensure the highest level of quality.

Types of Gourmet & Artisanal Chocolates From Laderach By DS Group

LaderachFrischSchoggi Almond Dark

Fresh chocolates are referred to as FrishSchoggi in German.

The FrischSchoggi Almond Dark chocolate from Laderach by DS Group is made of caramelized and roasted almonds freshly sourced from the land of almonds – California and fresh dark chocolate.

Over the years, this Laderach chocolate has gained immense popularity as it brings an ocean of deliciousness into the mouth of every consumer.

This exquisite Swiss chocolate is produced in the Läderach confectioner suisse factory in Ennenda, Switzerland, by using the finest ingredients and the Swiss chocolatiers’ conventional and artisanal skills.

Ingredients Used In This Chocolate: Sugar, cocoa butter, natural flavoring substances, natural flavors, cocoa solids, colors, sugar, emulsifier, and almonds.

Laderach Tablet Grand Cru Madagascar 64% Single Origin

The Grand Cru Chocolate tablet is one of the finest products in the Laderach collection.

Made primarily with the world’s finest cocoa from Madagascar, this product will give you the richness of cocoa with 64% cocoa content.

Dark brown in hue with a smooth, glossy shine, Laderach Grand Cru chocolate will melt in your mouth and make you feel what heaven tastes like.

Also, the chocolate bar has an alluring charm due to its fruity perfume of juicy limes and mild, savory deliciousness with a delightful, vibrant bitterness.

Some of the sensational ingredients that this chocolate unleashes on the tongue include finely roasted island cocoa, honey, red berries, and citrus fruits.

Ingredients Used In This Chocolate: Cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa solids, natural flavor, and natural flavoring substances.

LaderachFrischSchoggi Assorted Tin Box

Everybody will find something for them in the FrischSchoggiTM Variety Tin Box, including chocolates made of pure dark grand cru chocolate, Piedmontese hazelnuts, and caramelized Californian almonds.

The Laderach facility in Switzerland uses the finest and most superior quality ingredients and leverages the skills of the most artistic and talented chocolatiers to produce this Swiss delicacy.

Ingredients Used In This Chocolate: Cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa solids, natural flavor, and natural flavoring substances, milk solids, emulsifier, almonds, and many more

Note: All these Laderach gourmet chocolates are imported by DS Group Foods Limited, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. The chocolates are manufactured by Laderach, Enneda, Switzerland.

Final Thoughts

From anniversary and birthday gifts to treating yourself to some accomplishment, these luxury Swiss delicacies from Laderach by DS Group can be your perfect partner.

There’s no doubt that these Original Swiss Imported delicacies will bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. So, explore plenty of other options on the DS Group Luxury Retail section today!

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