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How to obtain professional financing? Our advices


To start a new activity, or expand a business, it is sometimes necessary to obtain professional financing . To do this, several recommendations must be followed in order to optimize your chances of obtaining a positive response from one or more banking establishments.

In this file, we give you several tips for successfully obtaining professional financing :

First of all, if the financing concerns a start-up activity, it is essential that you make a significant contribution to your business. The financial involvement of the project leader is a determining criterion for a bank.

In general, it is necessary to personally provide more than 20% of the total amount of the necessary financing . However, the situations are then studied by the banks on a case-by-case basis. If you have no contribution, or your contribution is insufficient, your request for funding is doomed to failure.

For more information: the percentage of personal contributions to obtain a loan .


We advise you to draw up a business plan to accompany your request for financing. Ideally, the business plan must be produced, or validated, by a chartered accountant. This gives credit to the business plan.

The business plan should be based on realistic assumptions. Then, it must highlight the ability of the company to be able to reimburse it on time. If the repayment of the loan is too large in relation to the capacities of the company, the bank will not take the risk of accepting the loan request.

Establish the most recent accounting situation possible
If you wish to obtain financing in order to develop your professional activity, you must draw up an accounting statement at a recent date in relation to your financing request (unless you have just completed your balance sheet). This advice only applies if you have already created your business for some time.

Indeed, the banking institution that you are applying for your professional financing may ask you to establish an intermediate accounting situation.

Go through a specialized broker to find financing

Finally, it may be interesting to collaborate with a financing broker . This professional will be able to assist you in putting together your financing file, advise you and then take care of contacting several banks to submit your file. Generally, a financing broker manages to negotiate better conditions than an entrepreneur alone.

In addition to financing, the broker will also be able to negotiate your banking terms. Quite often, the savings that can be made on this item of expenditure are quite substantial.

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