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English Through Poems

Learning English Through Poems


Haven’t you noticed how kids get excited when they listen to English poems? Even the slight mention of the poems would make them happy. Kids are familiar with poems even before they start school. From playing their favourite rhymes on television to giving them access to YouTube when they refuse to eat or sleep, children begin reciting these rhymes long before they know the English language.

Well, there is no better way to teach English than through these amusing poems. You might be wondering how English rhymes aid in the development of language in children. As we expose our children to many English poems, they will get a hint of language through words, sounds and phrases. Moreover, we do not have to take much effort to teach them language, as children will gleefully jump up and down when they hear that they are going to learn an English poem.

Importance of English Poems

We know that English is a vast language with billions of words in it. But do we teach children all these words at a go? No, right? Then, how do they grasp unique words? Surely, you will say that they pick words when we speak to them. Here again, there is a problem because we may be speaking to our children in our native language rather than English. So, how exactly are we helping our children to speak, read, and write in English?

English rhymes are a perfect aide and companion for children to improve their vocabulary. They might hear many unfamiliar words while reciting poems. But these words will be there in their memory because of the particular rhythm and rhyme. The phrases like ‘fleece was white as snow’ and ‘fetch a pail of water’ might seem difficult for children to understand. See how they utter these phrases effortlessly while reciting the poems.

Poems are structured in a particular way that details an event. So, children will get an idea about how a story unfolds. Besides, as the poems follow a similar pattern, they help children recollect words and phrases faster. Along with enhancing their reading skills and supporting the development of speech, English rhymes inspire creativity in children, enabling them to become great thinkers and writers as they grow up.

Teaching Poems to Kids

Kids are generally enthusiastic to learn poems. But we must be careful not to lose their interest halfway through the class. English rhymes are supposed to be fun and engaging, so let’s be mindful of not making them sit in a dull class. Read aloud, ask them to recite with you, show actions, or modulate your voice to make the class engaging.

If there are characters in the poem or there is an event described, let’s make our kids enact them, and ensure their participation in making the class lively. We cannot underestimate the value of an English poem as it builds the language of children, as well as creates an interactive time with them. Once we have recited a rhyme or poem to children over and over, why not gather them for a fun activity? We can ask them to fill in the missing words in the poem or identify the rhyming words in it. Through this way, they will be able to remember the poem at all times. We must also explain the meanings of difficult words to them so that it will help them in memorising the lines.

There are many poems in the English language for children that deal with topics like nature, plants, animals etc. According to the age of your children, you can teach these poems and support their language development. So, do not hesitate to build their most important skill through English poems and rhymes.

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