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Smart Home Devices Suitable for Seniors


Smart home devices are popular and in demand, because they allow users to remotely control devices and appliances within theirhomes, seamlessly and with efficiency, providing them with the ease of access to live a relatively stress-free and smart lifestyle.

As people age, they would need the extra support from their families and their households to adjust to their new normal. Elderly individuals require the sort of ease that is provided by smart devices, so as to help them go about their day without worrying about minute details such as going back to the kitchen to turn the lights off or walking to the door to see who’s there. Smart home devices are the perfect choice for seniors in need of that extra help to go about their day-to-day lives.

Smart home devices can be of great assistance when family and caregivers cannot be, even allowing others to maintain access to their parents’, and grandparents’ homes straight from their smartphones. From smart lights that are connected to motion detectors to smart video doorbells that allow users to lock and unlock doors with voice-control, here are some devices that we think would be the perfect fit for your elders who wish to continue with their independent living.

Smart Lights

Smart Lights enable users to easily control their bulbs, lamps, and even certain floodlights through smartphones and voice enabled control as well. For the elderly, a dark house can not only be scary, but also dangerous.

Smart lighting can be controlled by voice commands which would make it easier for them to lighten up a room before entering, just by saying ‘turn on bathroom lights.’ If you require an extra level of protection, you can easily sync the lights with motion detectors like a hallwaysensor light for instance that will light up as soon as someone steps within the set perimeter – eliminating the need to make a voice command and keep your family members safe and sound.

Since they can also be controlled through a smartphone application, users can easily see which lights are on around the house and turn them off when they aren’t in use, all of this without having to physically get up and do it themselves.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs have the ability to turn any regular appliance or electrical device into a smart device. When an appliance is plugged into a smart plug, it can easily be turned on or off through voice commands or through the associated smartphone application. Through this, users and their family members won’t have to worry about heaters, microwaves, or other appliances left on for too long since they can check them through the app and turn them on or off as needed. This way your senior family member will be safe, and you’ll be able to check up on them as well from miles away.

Smart Door Lock

With your senior family member alone at home, these become an essential device if theyever forget to lock the door or have to walk up to the door in order to let someone in. Since these locks can be controlled through voice commands, they can easily let anyone in when needed. For extra protection users can alsocheck the lock status through the associated smartphone application through which users can evenlock and unlock the door from practically wherever they sit.

Some smart locks also have specific design features that make it easier for individuals with rheumatism, arthritis, or arm muscle issues to control the locks easily if they are unable to the old-fashioned way. It is the ideal device to install in a senior person’s home, given that even a third person can keep a check on them while they can’t physically be there to do so.

Smart Video Doorbells

If you need to monitor who comes and goes, and who to let in or not in your elderly family members’ home, smart video doorbells can be perfect for that kind of monitoring. Whenever a visitor rings the doorbell, the device sends an alert in real time to its associated smartphone application through which you can not only see who is at the door through the live video feed but also speak to the persons at the door. This is a feature that is perfect for seniors as well, given that they don’t have to unnecessarily make their way to the door. They can speak to whoever it is while lying sitting at the dining table or if they’re in bed.

Additionally, certain video doorbells allow for pre-recorded messages to play while no one is available to answer the door. And since these doorbells can easily detect and differentiate between animals, people and vehicles, the smartphone application won’t unnecessarily send alerts every time it detects a change in motion.


Smart Home devices provide the means to automate a home and provide a level of convenience to seniors that they otherwise wouldn’t have had by themselves. Surely you are aware of how people resort to moving into assisted-living after a certain age – and of course not every individual is happy about that change in their life. This way, smart devices can allow for seniors to have an extended time living in the comfort of the place they have always called their home.

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