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Top Reasons Why You Should See a Lactation Consultant


Breastfeeding is a lovely and satisfying experience for both mother and child since it is a healthy and natural method to nourish a kid. However, it has its share of obstacles, some of which may be unpleasant and upsetting. Having a lactation consultant’s help at this point is essential. Breastfeeding may be challenging for new moms, but with a lactation consultant Madison, WI, you get a professional with the information, training, and experience to assist.

Many moms with difficulty nursing may benefit from speaking with a lactation consultant since breastfeeding is more of a taught skill than is often believed. This piece lists why you should see a lactation consultant.

You are the proud parent of multiples!

When expecting multiples, you should prioritize making contact with a Lactation Specialist. She can help you prepare for the challenges of nursing numerous kids before the babies arrive. She can help you learn how to hold properly and nurse twins and ensure your milk supply is enough once the infants arrive.

Your nipples are hurting

This is a very frequent cause for nursing mothers to discontinue. It is typical for your nipples to hurt just after delivery, especially if it is your first time feeding. It’s normal to experience some pain when your infant first starts nursing, but if the discomfort continues or your nipples become too sore to continue, you may have an attachment or latch problem. Nipples that are painful or cracked need a call to a lactation specialist for evaluation.

Finding a comfortable feeding position

Finding a comfortable position for you and your baby to feed in may be challenging since every baby is unique. If you have just had a C-section, holding your infant may be painful, while a newborn with gastrointestinal troubles may be unpleasant in another position. A lactation consultant can help you and your baby choose the most comfortable feeding position.

The infant is not gaining weight

It is normal for newborns to lose a few ounces, but if your pediatrician is concerned about your baby’s weight loss, you may want to consult a lactation specialist. They can diagnose the issue and provide advice, whether it is a lack of milk production (uncommon) or difficulty latching.

You believe you have a poor milk supply

Concerns about whether or not you are producing “enough” breast milk are prevalent among new moms. Your body uses a ‘supply and demand’ mechanism to boost milk production progressively. Your body will produce extra milk for your baby’s increased nursing. A lactation consultant may evaluate your baby’s feeding to ensure they are getting enough milk and can advise you on increasing your supply if you feel it is low.

While nursing comes naturally to some mothers, it takes practice and persistence for the vast majority. Do not be reluctant to request assistance. A lactation consultant is a trained professional who may provide advice, emotional support, and encouragement to help you have a positive nursing experience. Contact Physicians for Women if you need to help breastfeeding or caring for your newborn.

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