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Get the Best In Web Accessibility Solutions For Your Small Business

AccessiBe- Get the Best In Web Accessibility Solutions For Your Small Business


Web accessibility to every user online is a legal mandate that you should never overlook if you are a business site owner. Your site must meet the rules and regulations of ADA and WCAG, and to ensure your site is accessible to everyone 24/7; you do not have to spend a fortune anymore! If your site has accessibility issues, your business will be liable to hefty fines as a penalty, and your reputation in the market will be affected.

AccessiBe-affordable and modern web accessibility solutions for every business 

AccessiBe is a leading name for your business’s quality and affordable web accessibility solutions. Infused with the technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this tool is regarded to be one of the best accessibility overlays in the market today for small to large businesses. It is an automated tool that can be easily downloaded and installed for your business. It runs in the background silently and scans the content every 24 hours to ensure it is accessible. Even if you upload new content, this tool will complete its scan to make the content fully compliant within 48 hours. You will receive a compliance and accessibility statement to confirm the above.

How does it benefit small business owners?

This innovative tool has been made exclusively for small business owners who, in the past, had to endure financial hardships to ensure their sites were fully compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines. Unlike their larger peers who are well-established names in the market. They did not have an in-house team of web developers to identify and fix issues in web accessibility. Most of them attempted to fix the problems themselves; however, since they did not have expertise in web accessibility solutions, they often overlooked problems and invoked hefty fines.

Alleviating the stress of small business owners 

The developer team behind this innovative tool understood this problem, which is why they launched this affordable overlay in the market to help small business owners keep their sites fully compliant with the ADA and WCAG guidelines.

Affordable packages for small business owners to embrace for their needs 

When it comes to using this overlay, it is a software tool that can be installed on their sites in just a few minutes. Some packages start from $49 per month, so small business owners can choose the subscription package that matches their needs and budget. They need to follow the simple instructions for the tool to be downloaded and installed correctly.

AccessiBe has gained immense popularity since its launch. Thanks to its artificial and machine learning technologies, small and large businesses can now focus better on the core matters of their companies, knowing that web accessibility is in safe hands.

Small business owners no longer have to worry about the costs of web accessibility solutions. Their sites are fully compliant, and they can successfully boost sales opportunities to a whole community of users with physical disabilities with their products/services!

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