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Best Home Security Alternatives for Florida Residents


Florida residents can now rest with the peace of mind that their homes and families are safe, and that is with the help of installing smart devices. Who would have thought that smart devices come in handy for anything other than automating your home in an inexpensive way? Well, smart devices are not just great for automating your home in certain ways, but also for conserving energy and providing home security.

In Florida, just like all other states, it is a go-to to sign up with a Security company from your local neighborhood in order to set up an alarm system for your home. While they are very effective means of providing security to any property, why not discover how you can make use of smart devices for that same purpose?

Here’s a list of some smart devices that can be used to up your home security for the safety of your family.

Smart Cameras

One of the best home security camera Florida residents can invest in are the Google Nest Cams. Built for both, indoor and outdoor purposes, these cams support HD quality video with night vision for clear visibility in the after-dark hours, with built in microphones and speakers to support two way communication! That’s right, ever heard of a surveillance camera where you can speak to and hear from both ends of the device? This is a first.

The video footage of all smart cameras, including that of the Google Nest Cam is accessible from their respective mobile applications. Watch pre-recorded history to see what you missed out on, watch the live video footage straight from your smartphone, and get real time alerts for anytime any movement is detected while you’re away. Smart Cameras keep you informed around the clock!

Smart Door Locks

Providing keyless and tamperproof entry into your home, smart door locks eliminate any means of breaking into a home. These devices come in different variants. Some feature keypads where a personalized passcode needs to be punched in, and where temporary codes can also be generated for family and friends. Then there are those that can lock and unlock by the tap of a button on your smartphones, and then there are those that can track your mobile location and automatically lock and unlock the door on its own.

Regardless of how the device is, smart door locks like all smart devices feature their own mobile application where the device control and settings are available. You can set schedules for auto-lock for the times where you crash early in the evening and forgot to lock the front door – and it automatically does at its allotted time. Some of the best smart door locks are the August series; available in different variants, and at very reasonable prices.

Video Doorbells

Upgrade that video intercom doorbell of yours and replace it with a Smart Video Doorbell. How are the two different? There is one very obvious difference. Our usual video intercoms may allow us to see and speak to whoever is outside, and even let them in by unlocking the door but only while the device itself is installed somewhere in your home. A Smart Video Doorbell on the other hand, supports its own mobile application that lets you see and speak to whoever is at the door even while you’re not home!

If you don’t believe that, then the Google Nest Doorbell is the perfect example to explain this technology. The Nest Doorbell lets you answer the door via the Google Home app. You could be at work and receive alerts anytime the bell rings or even if the device detects anyone hovering by your door. It can differentiate between objects, animals and people and thus filter out alerts accordingly. The person at the door doesn’t even have to know you’re not home. You can have pre-recorded messages for when you’re busy, or even just open the video feed to watch the live footage or the pre-recorded history on the mobile app. It’s surveillance around the clock.

If this doesn’t convince you enough to prove that smart devices are great alternative methods of providing home security, then we don’t know what will! Smart devices essentially give you around the clock access to your devices at home while you’re away – even in another State for that matter! Which is what should give you the peace of mind that you can watch over your home from wherever you go.

You can find the above three smart devices in tech stores around you. And if not, you can order them online at FirstEnergy Home’s website, Browse through their Smart Home catalogue and get some affordable smart devices to increase your home security, with the added benefit of automating your home and calling it smart.

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